For organisations looking to build and run cloud native applications and wanting to maximise both developer productivity and infrastructure efficiency, they also need to transform their data centres by leveraging cloud resources.

Combining the Nutanix Cloud Platform, Arista’s CloudVision® management plane, and Red Hat Openshift, help you build, run, manage, and deploy applications from and within your clouds. What’s more? The process is entirely automated.

The end result? Frictionless, self-service experience for application deployment, virtualized and cloud native deployments, better cloud resource allocation, and absolute visibility into your cloud, virtual, and DevOps environments.

We believe that solutions are better when built for purpose – working together, Arista, Nutanix, and Red Hat are helping you cut through the arduous task of having to find solutions


Join us as we unpack what this means to you and how we can help you not just own the cloud – but leverage every aspect of it effectively!

7 APRIL | 14H30 – 18H00
Villa Rose Kempinski Chiromo Rd, Nairobi, Kenya


14h30 – 15h00     Registration and Refreshments
15h00 – 15h10     Welcome
15h10 – 15h25     Red Hat Presentation – Danie Thom
15h25 – 15h40     Nutanix Presentation – Rui Goncalves
15h40 – 15h55     Arista Presentation – Marius Keown
15h55 – 16h45     Panel Discussion – Danie Thom, Phillip de Waal and Marius Keown
16h45 – 17h00     Q&A & Closing
17h00 – 18h00     Networking

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Danie Thom
Hybrid Cloud Specialist – Sub Saharan Africa

Red Hat

Martin Walshaw
Territory Account Manager East Africa


Marius Keown
Regional Sales Director
– Sub Saharan Africa


Andrew Hindshaw
Partner Account Manager – Sub Saharan Africa

Red Hat

Phillip de Waal
Systems Engineer Manager – Sub-Saharan Africa


Rui Goncalves
Open mic Q&A respondent – Snr Systems Engineer East Africa


Werner Viljoen