Empowering and Enabling the Hybrid Workforce
The way we work has changed
– challenging our definitions of success.

Hybrid work is becoming the norm in many industries. Location matters less. Work is becoming more digital – and
everything moves faster. Technology empowers us to do more, be more, and pushes us harder as the pace of business
To meet these needs, we have Microsoft Viva, an EXP that empowers people and teams to be their best, from virtually
anywhere. It helps elevate each employee’s experience – how they engage, find knowledge, learn, and work. By
improving productivity while also supporting people’s wellbeing, Viva helps the whole organisation thrive.

53% of remote workers
are worried about
being left out of in-person
team meetings
and other activities that
take place in the office.

54% of employees
feel overworked and
39% report feeling

People spend about
an hour a day – or up
to seven weeks per
year – searching for or
recreating information.

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“Business is better when people can be their best.
People bring an organization’s strategy to life.“

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